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  • Aerial Application

    Aerial Application

    We work with local suppliers to provide this valuable service for growers. Get a bird’s-eye view and make more informed plans with the results!

  • Bulk Tenders

    Bulk Tenders

    Our newest bulk seed handlers can help you plant more efficiently.

  • Crop Protection

    Crop Protection

    Let us create the right mix of crop protection products to fight off your toughest yield-reducing challenges: weeds, harmful insects, fungi, and disease.

  • Crop Scouting

    Crop Scouting

    What’s happening in your fields? Know for sure with our boots-on-the-ground approach. Our efficient crop scouting involves industry best practices and our own expert knowledge of the area, and the insights we gain from this first-hand look can help you make the best decisions for crop treatment.

  • Drone Imagery/Aerial Field Scouting

    Drone Imagery/Aerial Field Scouting

    Corteva Flight and DroneDeploy have teamed up to provide precise product placement data and accurate diagnoses of countless disease, pest, and agronomic concerns. Thanks to Corteva’s crop expertise and DroneDeploy’s top-notch mapping software, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view with insights that can help your crops all season long.

  • Field Plans

    Field Plans

    Success in farming is all about planning. We’ll help you develop detailed product placement plans that can maximize productivity on every acre.

  • Granular Digital Solutions

    Granular Digital Solutions

    This industry-leading system collects all your agronomic and financial data (field plans, yield information, input costs, breakevens, and more) to help you make informed decisions about every phase of your operation.

  • Seed Delivery

    Seed Delivery

    Stay focused on farming and don’t worry about delivery. We’ll make sure your seeds are delivered where and when you want them.

  • Seed Tender Use

    Seed Tender Use

    Need bulk seed delivered right to your fields? Our high-performance seed tenders do the trick nicely.

  • Seed Treatment

    Seed Treatment

    LumiGEN™ seed treatment technology is specifically made to protect Pioneer genetics from a broad spectrum of threats. These unique recipes of insecticides and fungicides use multiple modes of action to give your seed a strong start and maximize your ROI.

  • TruChoice® Financing

    TruChoice® Financing

    Looking for more ways to save? Now there is a better way to buy your Pioneer® brand products and Corteva Agriscience™ crop protection products with the TruChoice® offer. Up to 15% upfront savings on your Corteva crop protection with Pioneer purchase.

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  • Yield Mapping

    Yield Mapping

    Our precise yield mapping provides you with information that can help you choose the right seeds, track trends, keep input costs to a minimum, and more. This data will help you get the maximum yield potential from your acres.

  • Product Knowledge Plots

    Product Knowledge Plots

    The team at Klitzmam Seeds is decided to the continued education of our team and our growers. The product knowledge plots are used to examine firsthand how the environments affect the crop in our area.

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